£ 294.95

If you struggle with getting overly hot when asleep the Dreamland Pocket Ice 1000 Mattress is perfect for you Its the first of its kind that uses IceFabric technology Hand stitched sides are used with this unique fabric IceFabric technology is new and innovative This wonderful technology makes the mattress feel cool when touched and is a breakthrough in sleep science Its ideal for hot sleepers as well as keeping you cool during the long hot summer monthsWith a tenyear warranty the Dreamland Pocket Ice 1000 Mattress also has memory foam on one side and IceFabric on the other This is so you can flip the mattress according to the season Pocket springs work individually to support you when asleep and help with the natural alignment of the spine along with minimising rolltogether The mattress also has a hypoallergenic filling and a microquilted knitted coverIts highly recommended to rotate this mattress as often as possible