£ 319.60

The Relaxsan Vision Mattress is ideal for body weights over 15 stone and for people who like a very firm mattress Suits higher body weights an excellent but very firm mattress The Relaxsan mattress is nonsprung and utilizes only the latest in patented foam technology including Visco Memory foam and the supersensitive and supportive natural latex to ensure a good nights sleep Our highresilience foam mattresses uniformly distribute the body weight thereby reducing pressure and maximising comfort This ensures a good blood circulation and in so doing guarantees a deep and natural restThe Relaxsan mattress has a structure which does not allow bacteria or dust mites to survive and further does not permit the growth of mildew or fungi or give off the fine dust which irritates the respiratory tract and disturbs restful sleepA Coolmax cover to keep you cool and fresh together with a breathable band round the edges to enhance good airflow and ventilationIt has a warmer wool side for winter and a cooler cotton side for summer Easy maintenance turn over with the seasons and rotate top to bottom once a month