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This is the mattress that could turn all of your sleepless nights into a perfect balance of total comfort and superior supportThis particular mattress is made from three layers of memory foam This foam was originally created for use in the NASA program to help astronauts deal with the gravitational forces The Bed Butler Inspire Memory Mattress uses a temperature sensitive viscoelastic memory foam material which has pressure relieving properties which has led to its application in the medical field to treat patients suffering from back and neck painThe reason the Inspire mattress is one of the most recommended memory foam mattress is because it perfectly aligns with a persons body contouring to the curve and pressure the body naturally creates when in its most comfortable sleeping position The Inspire mattress also allows for a greater amount of airflow and breathability within the foam making the person even more at ease and comfortable than they could ever imagine The Inspire mattress has a firm feel ideal for that extra back support However eventually you experience weightlessness as it softens under your body weight and temperature and moulds itself to your body The most important feature of the memory foam material is that it does not create any back pressure to the heavier parts of the body Your body weight is distributed over the entire area evenly Therefore it is said to possess pressure relieving properties Inspire mattresses are regarded as the perfect solution to back and neck problems but also provide the best conditions for a good nights sleep for all who lie on it