£ 804.00

803x2080mm total size with frame (70cm door)
873x2080mm total size with frame (77cm door)
903x2080mm total size with frame (80cm door)
973x2080mm total size with frame (87cm door)
1003x2080mm total size with frame (90cm door)
1103x2080mm total size with frame (100cm door) only dark anthracite, golden oak, walnut and white colours

803x2032mm total size with frame (70cm door)
873x2032mm total size with frame (77cm door)
903x2032mm total size with frame (80cm door)
973x2032mm total size with frame (87cm door)
1003x2032mm total size with frame (90cm door)
1103x2032mm total size with frame (100cm door) only dark anthracite, golden oak, walnut and white colours

Colour: Winchester, Golden Oak, Walnut, Wenge, Dark Anthracite, Light Anthracite, White, bleached oak, black, concrete
Glazing: Privacy glass ( One way mirror), Graphite Reflection
Opening way: Right hand (RH), Left hand (LH), Right hand reverse (RHR), Left hand reverse (LHR)
T-bar (long vertical handle): YES, NO
Letterbox: YES, NO

The door is made of stainless steel. Inside are filled with foam and wood.

What’s included in price of the door:
- Door and door frame
- Two independent locks (multi-point locking mechanism)
- Two sets of inserts with the keys
- Door handle (T-bar sell separate as an upgrade)
- Viewfinder (in the case of solid doors)
- Mounting kit plates

Wing panel’s 55 mm thick building block construction,filled with PUR polyurethane foam. Locking system is made of two locks embedded in special part and head-on pressings of sheathings and protective cassettes fixed to the stile. The combination of all the above elements gives a highly insulated and rigid wing construction.

It it supplied to customers in the folded form which makes installation of doors in the hole much easier and faster. It has anti-burglar reinforcements in hinge parts and locking points. Positioning of the frame in walls using the assembly doweling strips to the wall with dowels Both the strips and the dowels are included in the assembly set that comes with the door.

The wing is filled with PUR polyurethane foam. Dual sealing system.

For full door with 55 mm thick wing, at f Ud = 1.1 W/K*m2
For glazed doors with 55 mm thick wing, at Ud = 1.5 W/K*m2

One in the dap of frame, the other in the supporting part of the wing. They reduce vibration and the loss of heat in the room, they do not lignify, they do not change the volume under the influence of atmospheric conditions.

The door is closed with a two multipoint locks entered with cylinder europrofile inserts delivered by one of the leading producer of anti-burglary security solutions.
The locking system is complete with solid anti-unhinge pins located on the hinge side of the wing.
The door is equipped with three 3D hinges with a diameter 15 mm that makes adjustment easy and improve their functionality
They provide additional anti-burglary protection

Glass doors are made using certified multi-window packages and warm plastic profiles from renowned producers.

The installation space between the frame and the wall can be up to 4 cm (1.57 inch) in total

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We provide installation of our front door in London and surrounding areas. Installation costs extra and depends on the type of door.